Find a good doctor in two clicks

Free and paid medical services in one place

Affordable medical care for residents of the country

Thanks to the digitalization of healthcare, high-tech, yet easy-to-use services are available to residents of the country. Such solutions make medicine more accessible, clearer, and blur geographic boundaries.

Now, to get to the doctor for an appointment, it is enough to download the mobile application and make an appointment online. All doctor's visits, appointments, diagnoses and research results are stored in an electronic health record, which is always at hand - in a mobile phone. In conditions of geographical remoteness, a personal visit to experienced doctors and narrow specialists is difficult, you can use telemedicine consultation.

Regional portal of medical services "K-vrachu"

The portal's services provide residents with equal access to timely and high-quality medical care. Anyone can use them if there is a Personal Account on the portal of the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation (UIAS).

  • Appointment to a doctor
    Find the right doctor. Make an appointment with an CHI or private clinic
  • Electronic queue
    Register through the portal and track the number of people in the queue
  • Medical organizations
    The portal has the most complete list of medical organizations in the region
  • Health diary
    Connect to the remote monitoring program and keep a health diary
  • Questioning
    Go through the initial screening yourself and sign up for the early detection of diseases
  • Health record
    View your medical history, appointments, test results and tests
  • House call
    Call a doctor at home through the portal or app
  • Schedule of work of doctors
    Get acquainted with the schedule of doctors' appointments and make an appointment at a convenient time

I like everything very much. It is convenient to sign up in the evening, when there is no time in the morning.
Olesya Kolchanova. 11.03.2020
Although they are related to the State the Public Services Portal website, it is much easier and easier to make an appointment with doctors.
Aigul Ziganshina. 02.03.2020
It is very convenient to register, you can enter all family members. And no need to call the registry!
Anna Kurbangalieva. 20.02.2020

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