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The logical basis for the digitalization of the healthcare system accumulates all information about human health in the online space. Doctors, working with EHR, enter information about the patient and gain access to the patient's medical history provided by other specialists. Patients have access to health record, including appointments, diagnoses, research results, 24/7 - in the patient's personal account "My Health" on the Unified Public Services Portal or through the mobile application "K-vrachu".


The electronic health record combines the elements of the MIS, organizes paperless document flow for clinics, hospitals, and dental departments.

  • Issuance of electronic medical documents: medical sick leave certificate, preferential prescription, referral for research, referral to another doctor, etc .;
  • Automated filling and printing of sheets of Medical sick leave certificate on a standard form;
  • Signing documents with an electronic digital signature;
  • Decision support system: checking drug interactions and allergic contraindications for drug prescriptions;
  • Document template editor, constructor of electronic questionnaires for organizing patient surveys;
  • Employee speech recognition for filling out documentation;
  • Setting up user access rights to EHR or individual EHR components;
  • Delegation of access to EHR. For example, for filling by nurses;
  • Completion of primary accounting documents;
  • Configuring access restrictions to information for specific nosologies;
  • Immunoprophylaxis and Fluorotec modules.


  • The structure of the appointment is changing: the doctor spends less time filling out documents and more time communicating with the patient;
  • The number of medical errors is reduced due to the use of intelligent services;
  • The medical organization is switching to paperless document flow;
  • The doctor gets access to patient data from all medical organizations integrated with the Unified State Information System in the Healthcare Sector.


  • Important information about the patient's health is always "at hand" - in the Signal Information section: life history, anthropometric data, blood type, Rh factor, allergies, benefits, etc .;
  • Creation of a package appointment for a specific nosology, a set of nosologies and a patient's model (gender, age, conditions for the provision of medical care, the level of the medical organization);
  • Remote monitoring: a system through which a doctor remotely monitors the health of a particular patient, according to predetermined criteria.
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