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  • Unified digital platform.MIS

    The best MIS in the country, 36 constituent entities of the Russian Federation have chosen the ECP.MIS to solve the problems of federal projects and digitalize regional healthcare.
    Since 2021, the version of the UDP.MIS 2.0 is available.

  • Unified digital platform. LIS

    We improve the quality of regional laboratory diagnostics, 864 laboratories in 18 regions of Russia entrust us with digitalization of business processes.
    Since 2021, the version of the UDP.LIS 2.0 is available.

  • Voice assistant

    The voice assistant makes out a house call and an appointment for vaccination, relieves contact centers by up to 50% and reduces the waiting time on the line by 2 times.

  • Services "K-vrachu"

    Regional portal of medical services "K-vrachu" is integrated with the Public Services Portal, provides patients with access to a wide range of services: appointment with a doctor, questionnaires, health diary, waiting list, attachment to the clinic, access to paid medical services.

Unified digital contour

Regional healthcare authorities need to digitize the industry in accordance with the federal project "Creation of an Digital contour of health care based on the Unified State Information System in the Healthcare Sector".  Unified digital platform is a comprehensive solution that ensures the region's timely achievement of key project indicators.

  • Electronic health record

    Electronic health record - a set of electronic personal medical records relating to one person, collected, transmitted and used by several medical organizations, falls into the integrated EHR. This is possible due to the integration of the product modules of the UDP with the Unified State Information System in the Healthcare Sector.

  • Preferential medication supply

    The module is available to all medical organizations. FAPs actively use video and audio conferencing, text telemedicine consultations.

  • Patients with cardiovascular diseases

    The patient enters the CSD register automatically, based on the established diagnosis during the provision of medical care. The doctor receives signal information about the patient when the results of diagnostic and instrumental studies deviate from the normative ones.

  • Telemedicine consultations

    The module is available to all medical organizations. FAPs actively use video and audio conferencing, text telemedicine consultations.

  • Cancer patients

    Remote questioning and screening planning depending on the assigned risk group. The subsystem provides monitoring of the health status of patients with oncological diseases, routing at all stages of medical care, integrates with VIMIS in the direction of Oncology.

  • Preventive medical care

    The product complex, which includes two modules "Medical checkup and preventive examinations" and "Medical supervision". It provides coverage of the population with preventive medical care by age and professional categories, observation of patients suffering from chronic diseases, functional disorders and other conditions.

  • Patient flow management

    The subsystem provides access to accurate information about the employment of doctors and the needs of the population for medical services. A unified database and the use of online technologies allows real-time management of patient flows at all levels.

  • Pregnancy monitoring

    Pregnancy register. Maintaining a record of the patient's passage of prenatal and perinatal screening studies. Automatic calculation of the risk group for miscarriage.

Implementation and operation
  • Solution cost

    The cost is calculated individually and depends on the specifics of implementation in the region: population size, number of medical organizations and automated workstations of users, regional integration map. Leave a request and we will contact you within 24 hours.

  • Implementation period

    The installation of the system in the region takes about two weeks. After that, the introduction of the system into the work of medical organizations begins. The duration depends on the number of users and ranges from two to four months.

  • Implementation volume

    The products that are part of the Unified digital platform are being introduced throughout the region. At the stage of the pilot project, at the request of the regional healthcare authorities, several separate medical organizations can be connected.

  • Development and maintenance

    80% of the tasks are shared, and the costs for them are distributed proportionally between the regions using the Unified digital platform.

  • The educational center

    More than 1000 training events are held annually in each region. Training is possible in full-time and remote modes: seminars, webinars, workshops.

  • Technical support

    Three lines of technical support: from consultation to prompt error elimination. The system reliability is monitored around the clock.

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