Digitalization of regional healthcare reaches a new level

RT MIS, a subsidiary of PJSC “Rostelecom”, carries out a comprehensive technological and functional modernization of regional healthcare by connecting the region to the Unified digital platform, so the Republic of Adygea has already switched to the UDP, more than 30 constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be connected to the platform. The main goal of modernization is to create a unified information space in the industry in all territories of presence, to make the doctor's work as fast as possible, and medicine is more accessible and understandable for patients.

23 medical organizations are connected to the new solution in Adygea. During the transition, a number of technical and organizational problems were identified, for example, most of the medical staff were in self-isolation or worked in closed wards. In this case, it was decided to focus on distance learning to work with the platform, in general, an individual approach to the needs of the region, a planned transition schedule, a project-team format of interaction made it possible to quickly solve emerging implementation problems on the ground and in a pandemic to carry out all the work. The experience gained will greatly facilitate and speed up the process of transferring other regions to the UDP.

“We have developed a standard schedule for the transition to the UDP, which is adapted to the conditions of each territory. In the case of Adygea, significant adjustments were also made by the situation with the spread of COVID-19. Thanks to our competencies and qualified employees, we quickly and successfully adjusted to the current circumstances,” says Evgeny Permyakov, Deputy General Director for Projects of the RT MIS.

The first stage in the modernization of the healthcare system of the Republic of Adygea was the launch of primary departments that receive patients, such as a reception desk in an outpatient clinic and an inpatient admission department. After their adaptation and the start of work, specialized departments were launched and additional subsystems and modules were introduced (connecting infomats in the registry, setting up the integration of SH ERF for the possibility of remote self-recording of patients and doctor's home calls, registration of medicines, registration of medical sick leave certificate, including electronic etc.).

To train personnel to work with the Unified digital platform, face-to-face classes, remote workshops, and online consultations were organized. After completing the main stage of user training, the staff of the RT MIS training center will continue to work in the region in the format of maximum hypercare support for two weeks. 

It is important to note that when the region is connected to the UDP, 100% migration of the accumulated data is guaranteed, the implementation of integrations with inherited regional solutions, the existing MIS functionality is preserved and significantly increased. 

The upgraded software of the Unified digital platform is created on the basis of modern approaches to the implementation of information systems architecture. The best practices have been applied, which ensures high speed and flexibility of development, user-friendliness of the interface, and a wide range of functionality. The new approach makes it possible to increase the stability and resiliency of the platform, increase the efficiency of maintenance, and provide updates without stopping the platform. Also, when new regulations are issued, the system adapts to the requirements as soon as possible. 

Functional and technical improvements are aimed at bringing regional medical information systems to unified federal standards, fulfilling the requirements of the project "Creation of an Digital Contour of Health Care based on the Unified State Information System in the Healthcare Sector" and ensuring the achievement of its target indicators.

  • 23.05.2021
  • Press release
The companies "RT Medical Information Systems" and "Integrated Medical Information Systems" signed a partnership agreement on cooperation in the field of healthcare informatization.
  • 23.05.2021
  • Press release
The leading developer of the Russian market of operating systems Astra Linux Group of companies and RT MIS company, specializing in the creation and implementation of IT solutions for healthcare, announce the successful completion of the verification of the compatibility of the software of the Unified digital platform with the Astra Linux operating systems of the “Smolensk” and “Orel” releases...
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