About the product

The module is designed for remote delivery of medical services in conditions where distance is a critical factor.


Healthcare workers use information and communication technologies to exchange information for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injury, conduct research and assessments, and provide continuing education for health workers to improve public health.

  • Online consultations "doctor-doctor";
  • Online consultations "doctor-patient";
  • Remote interpretation of electrocardiogram, MRI results, etc .;
  • Service “Remote Monitoring”;
  • Communication formats: audio, video, text communication;
  • Screen sharing and file sharing.


The region receives significant results already 4 months after implementation. The first month is the deployment of the pilot project. During the second month, employees of medical organizations undergo training. After that, the project is launched. The third month is testing the system. After 4 months, you can submit a digitized public report, reflect, for example, the following results:

  • the number of consultations carried out "doctor-doctor", "doctor-patient";
  • number of telemetry sessions - remote transmission, decoding and processing of electrocardiogram results;
  • the number of health records that are consulted and other parameters.

To make a more accurate diagnosis or adjust the treatment plan, doctors have the following options:

  • "Second reading" of diagnostic results;
  • online consultations with more experienced colleagues;
  • consultations with specialists of a different profile;
  • consultations on complex clinical cases, without personal presence.

For patients, this is an unique opportunity to quickly receive specialized medical care without leaving the regional center. Patients save time and money.