About the product

The module is intended for information interaction between medical organizations, territorial medical insurance funds, medical insurance organizations in terms of mutual settlements for the provision of medical care.


Interaction is carried out through the formation, sending and verification of account registers in electronic form through the integration service or by file exchange.

  • Comprehensive collection and storage of information about treatment cases and personal data of patients within the reporting period.
  • Standardization of information in accordance with the requirements of federal and territorial healthcare insurance funds, insurance medical organizations, the Ministry of Health.
  • Transfer of information in the generated register, as well as accompanying documentation for payment of submitted cases of treatment.
  • Making operational changes both to the generated registries and in cases of treatment within the register.
  • Completion of printed forms of accompanying documentation to the registers of accounts.


  • Automation of all stages of the business process: from the formation and maintenance of account registers to submitting for payment.
  • Transparency and availability of data.