About the product

The registry is a list of patients, which is formed on the basis of the accounting of specialized parameters. The parameters are configured individually for each register.


Viewing, editing, adding, deleting entries in the register, changing the category of the patient. 

  • Setting up any number of registers, including registers: "Circulatory system diseases,", "Drug Abuse Treatment", "Psychiatry", "12 high-cost nosologies", "Diabetes Mellitus", "Viral hepatitis", "Orphans", " Tuberculosis surveillance", "Geriatrics", "Venereal disease", "Nephrology", "Occupational diseases", "HIV-infected", "High-cost nosologies", "Palliative care" and others;
  • Document templates for each register;
  • Notification system: therapist about the inclusion in the register of a patient attached to his site, notifications about events that have occurred with the patient in the "Signal information" of the EHR;
  • Setting up access conditions for viewing data from the register, including setting restrictions; Transfer to the patient's EHR from the register.

Register of diseases of the circulatory system.

Centralized maintenance and storage of information on patients with diagnoses I00-I99 class IX “Circulatory system diseases" according to ICD-10. 

  • Automatic inclusion of the patient in the register when a pathology is detected;
  • Patient questionnaires and automatic risk identification based on the results; 
  • Completion of recommendations for the patient and the attending physician;
  • Determining the date of the next examination of the patient;
  • Calculation of the risk group and functional class;
  • Notification of the doctor about the exceeding of the period for updating the questionnaire for the subjects of observation "Arterial hypertension", "Pulmonary hypertension" and “Coronary heart disease";
  • Removal of a patient from the CSD register after the observation period (after 1 year from the date of the patient's inclusion in the register);
  • Completion of statistical reporting and data analytics.

Oncology registry

Centralized maintenance and storage of information about each case of cancer, its course and treatment.

  • Automatically determines the patient's risk group based on the results of the questionnaire and notifies the patient of the results;
  • Planning of screening measures depending on the assigned risk group;
  • Completion of the final conclusion of the screening, determination of the patient's belonging to the clinical group and notification of the oncologist at the place of attachment;
  • Creation of referrals for specialized admission, examinations, planned and emergency hospitalizations;
  • Calculation and analysis of benchmarks;
  • Organization of the provision of palliative care to patients;


  • Registration of patients from the risk group, with subsequent routing and monitoring of medical care;
  • Monitoring the dynamics of the development of the disease;
  • Registration of electronic documents (directions, recipes) in a unified functionality.