About the product

The polyclinic is one of the key and most voluminous subsystems that automates all processes in the polyclinic and ensures the work of a medical organization in accordance with the principles of "lean manufacturing". Polyclinic doctors receive up-to-date information about patients, can enter, edit, analyze and print information about cases of outpatient care. Integration with the subsystem "UDP.LIS", modules "Electronic queue", "Preferential medication supply", "Medical sick leave certificate" and others.


Workstation of a polyclinic doctor: maintaining primary accounting records, work with EHR of patients, electronic timetable, referrals and registration of patients for examinations and studies, clinical observation, medical examination, medical checkup. 

Reception: managing patient records, maintaining patient files and a registry of the assigned population, keeping records of outpatient cards, maintaining an electronic schedule for doctors, services, MRI machines, ultrasound investigation, making a doctor's home call.

Workstation of a dentist: maintaining primary accounting records , working with EHR of patients, electronic timetable, referrals and registration of patients for examinations and examinations.  An interactive dental record of the patient and the management of an odontoparodontogram are available.

Mobile version of the workstation of a polyclinic doctor: work with patients' EHR from a tablet. The workstation is designed for emergency doctors, district doctors and doctors of medical and obstetrical centre, doctor can make entries in the patient's EHR even without the Internet, when connected to the network, the data will be transferred to the MIS.


A polyclinic specialist can plan fluorographic examinations, register the results, keep maps of preventive fluorographic examinations, and generate reports.


The module allows the doctor of the polyclinic to track the vaccination plan according to the national immunization schedule and epidemiological indications, to take into account refusals and medical withdrawals, to the management of the medical organization to monitor the vaccination processes and generate reports.


  • Digitalization of all business processes in the clinic: from making an appointment with a doctor to receiving electronic medical documents;
  • Automation of routine paperwork: reducing the burden on the doctor and increasing attention to the patient;
  • Patient routing: conflict prevention;
  • Completion of registers for payment of medical care for all types of financing. Intelligent services for more accurate diagnoses and prescriptions: automatic сompletion of a package of prescriptions when making a diagnosis, support for making medical decisions;
  • Taking into account the specifics of dentistry;
  • Customizable notification system;
  • Management workstations for the management of medical organizations.