About the product

Voice assistant 122 is an intelligent information system for voice communication between a robot assistant and a living person according to a given scenario. The assistant unloads contact centers and handles up to 50% of patient requests.


The patient contacts the centralized contact center of the region, the voice assistant makes a home call to the doctor. The robot accepts the call, generates voice messages, simulates emotions and creates a recording in the MIS. 99% of callers believe that they are communicating with a real person.

The name, which will be presented by the assistant, the region chooses independently.

The system closes one of the main scenarios for patient calls - calling a doctor at home. The scenarios "Appointment for vaccination" and "Appointment to a doctor" are being developed, implementation will be available in the second-third quarter of 2021.


The voice assistant increases the efficiency of the contact center:

  • accepts calls around the clock, simultaneously up to 300 lines;
  • reduces the waiting time for an answer on the line by 2 times;
  • unloads operators during peak hours;
  • reduces the budget for the maintenance of the contact center and the training of new operators.

The region will be able to abandon decentralized contact centers and additional costs for its maintenance.  The robot processes 100% of incoming calls: part of it works out independently, the rest is evenly distributed among the operators of the centralized contact center. Implementation and scaling of the voice assistant will take less than a month.