About the product

Medical business intelligence system, with an unique set of indicators, for analyzing the healthcare industry in the region. An important area is monitoring the implementation of the target indicators of the federal project "Creation of the UDC on the basis of the Unified State Information System in the Healthcare Sector". Extended access rights and an increased number of users allow to receive analytics on the spot quickly, without unnecessary written official requests. A special data warehouse with regulated forms minimizes the influence of the human factor on the correctness of the data.


The system's tools analyze and visualize weaknesses and strengths in health care delivery and accessibility of health care services to the public. 

Industry analysis based on 295 indicators. Operational analysis of information from several sources, including system and non-system. Presentation of information in formats: rating, map, dynamics, comparison of indicators. User at each level: region - municipality - medical organization - department - department - doctor. Special data warehouse with regulated forms for correct manual data entry and structured loading, in accordance with the schedule.


Comparative analysis of UDP.BI with other solutions on the market revealed a number of competitive advantages:

  • Coverage of all significant areas of healthcare.
  • Compliance with the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.
  • Flexibility of the structure for building up new indicators or promptly updating the current ones, for example, due to changes in legislation or the implementation of a new national project.
  • Preservation of well-known medical terminology for correct interpretation of data.
  • The prospect of using the accumulated business data for the analytics of predicted events.
  • The indicators are agreed upon by a group of methodologists and healthcare practitioners.
  • Seamless integration with UDP.MIS, UDP.LIS. Monitoring the targets of the UDC.


  • Synchronization of information at all levels: region, municipality, medical organization, department, department, doctor.
  • Prompt management decision making at every level.
  • A clear methodology for calculating indicators.
  • Reducing the facts of distortion of information and errors during manual input (through non-system sources).