About the product

A subsystem for the digitalization of laboratory services, provides the collection of laboratory research data throughout the region and their centralized storage.

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It forms the electronic document flow of laboratories, automates the process from creating a referral for instrumental diagnostics to obtaining results in the patient's EHR, ensures the digitalization of business processes at all stages: taking biomaterial, labeling a sample, performing a study.

  • Viewing and searching applications for laboratory research, editing applications;
  • Identification of samples and orders by reading data from a barcode;
  • Viewing and maintaining reference books: analyzers; results for quality tests; reagent consumption standards for various analyzers and types of research;
  • Technological records for ongoing research;
  • Connection of medical devices such as "tube sorter" and "blood cell counter";
  • Monitoring the timing of research;
  • Completion of the laboratory research protocol;
  • Statistical reporting forms;
  • Mobile biomaterials collection point;
  • Synchronization with the "Electronic queue" module; Informing the patient about the research results.


  • Reducing the time of biomaterial collection due to preliminary work with information on the types of tubes and biomaterial;
  • Systematic work with a large flow of patients;
  • Accounting for consumables for planning the smooth operation of the laboratory;
  • Elimination of errors associated with the human factor by automating all stages of research;
  • Elimination of loss of research results;
  • Reducing the volume of routine work of doctors and laboratory assistants during research;
  • Improving the quality of research results.