About the product

The module "Medical checkup and periodic health examination" is designed to automate the planning, organization and implementation of preventive medical measures for adults, minors and orphans in a polyclinic. Provides a record of the received data and reporting.


The module adapts to the rules of medical checkup of different social groups, takes into account the requirements of regulatory legal acts. Automates the work with the medical checkup record, including the creation of a route map in accordance with the patient's gender and age, and the issuance of recommendations in case of deviations from the norm.

  • Organization of all types of medical examinations: Stage 1,2 medical examinations of minors (MEM); Stage 1,2 medical checkup of the adult population (MC); preventive examinations of the adult population; Stage 1,2 medical checkups of orphans (MCO); medical examinations of migrants; medical examinations of drivers.
  • Completion of lists of patients subject to prophylactic medical checkup according to the order.
  • If there is consent, the patient receives an automatic SMS notification or an e-mail message about the need to undergo medical checkup.
  • Data export to the federal system for monitoring the medical checkup of orphans and children in difficult life situations.
  • Registration for examinations and tests from the medical checkup record.
  • Completion of a health passport in the prescribed form, printing from the system.
  • Completion of statistics for different parameters in a unified functionality.
  • Patients can make their own appointments via the UPSP, the "K-vrachu" portal and complete a self-administered questionnaire; the results are automatically displayed in the EHR.


Comprehensive digitalization of all processes: from registering for medical checkup through the personal account of the "K-vrachu" portal or UPSP to the formation of a conclusion and determination of a health group.

  • Informing the maximum number of citizens about the possibility of undergoing medical checkup or preventive examinations.
  • The route map is filled out in the Electronic medical record, which allows doctors to view the patient's life history, the conclusion of other doctors and clarify the diagnosis based on this information.
  • Monitoring the risks of developing socially significant diseases.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of preventive medical care.