Astra Linux OS is compatible with the Unified digital platform in healthcare

The leading developer of the Russian market of operating systems Astra Linux Group of companies and RT MIS company, specializing in the creation and implementation of IT solutions for healthcare, announce the successful completion of the verification of the compatibility of the software of the Unified digital platform with the Astra Linux operating systems of the “Smolensk” and “Orel” releases.

Unified digital platform in healthcare unites about four thousand medical organizations from 31 regions of Russia, more than 200 thousand workstations are connected to the platform. Evaluation of the correct, uninterrupted functioning of the system became the main task of the test activities. The test results showed one hundred percent compatibility. 

Experts conducted two-sided testing, which made it possible, on the one hand, to obtain the most objective indicators of the software stack's performance, and on the other, to preserve the confidentiality of personal data and other information in the medical information system database.

For testing, testing of workplaces operating under the protected OS Astra Linux Special Edition, release "Smolensk" 1.6 and general-purpose OS Astra Linux Common Edition, release "Orel" 2.12 was carried out. The software of the Unified digital platform was installed on workstations with the Astra Linux operating system with kernels generic and hardened by each of the parties.

Experts have tested the performance of all the functionality of the platform, which provides automation of the collection, processing and storage of medical, economic and statistical information in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, compulsory medical insurance funds, medical insurance organizations, medical information and analytical centers, etc.

“The operating system affects such processes as interaction with devices, for example, tokens, scanners, record readers, signing with an electronic signature, printing documents in tabular form, video communication, and in general the operation of the browser. Maintaining these processes is critical for the stable functioning of the Unified digital platform, therefore, we must be 100 percent confident in the supplier of operating systems and product performance. The Astra Linux group of companies is a reliable partner and we look forward to fruitful cooperation,”says Artem Loginov, General Director of RT MIS.   

The test results showed that the solutions are fully compatible. The UDP functions correctly both in the Astra Linux Common Edition OS environment and under the Astra Linux Special Edition control. The functionality of the joint solution is officially confirmed by the Ready for Astra Linux certificate.

“The Astra Linux group of companies continues to focus on the healthcare system and develop its products with industry-specific goals in mind. The tests for compatibility with one of the most demanded and high-quality medical information systems in the country open up new opportunities for all medical institutions working in the system. Now, when switching to Astra Linux OS, they can be sure of the correct and stable operation of the joint solution ", - comments Roman Mylitsyn, director of innovations at Astra Linux Group

  • 23.05.2021
  • Press release
The companies "RT Medical Information Systems" and "Integrated Medical Information Systems" signed a partnership agreement on cooperation in the field of healthcare informatization.
  • 23.05.2021
  • Press release
The main goal of modernization is to create a unified information space in the industry in all territories of presence, to make the doctor's work as fast as possible, and medicine is more accessible and understandable for patients. Read more about how Adygea has already switched to the UDP in the press release.
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