The companies "RT MIS" and "K-MIS" have agreed on partnership in the development of healthcare informatization

The companies "RT MIS" and "K-MIS" have agreed on partnership in the development of healthcare informatization

The companies "RT Medical Information Systems" and "Integrated Medical Information Systems" signed a partnership agreement on cooperation in the field of healthcare informatization.

Joint projects in the field of digital medicine will be aimed at introducing technical, technological and organizational solutions in electronic document flow and automation of business processes in healthcare institutions. According to the agreements reached, RT MIS will ensure the upgrade of K-MIS projects to a centralized regional solution and their connection to the Unified digital platform, which has already been implemented in 34 regions and unites more than three thousand medical organizations of the country.

“The cooperation agreement with the K-MIS company will expand the number of solutions of the Unified digital platform, will allow timely technological and functional modernization of regional healthcare and create a reserve for the further development of the Unified State Information System in the Healthcare Sector in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Our common task is the completion of a unified Digital Contour of Health Care and the development of solutions that prove their effectiveness in the daily work of doctors and make medicine truly accessible, said RT MIS CEO Artem Loginov.

“At the beginning of this year, we announced plans and a new strategy for K-MIS, we decided to devote ourselves to changing the company's role: instead of promoting exclusively our own products, we reoriented ourselves to supporting and promoting the best market solutions. We are pleased to announce our partnership with one of the leading Russian companies in the field of regional informatization - RT MIS. We hope that this will lead to an increase in the efficiency of our projects and will serve the benefit of doctors, patients and healthcare organizers, ”said Alexander Gusev, founder of K-MIS. 

Last year, the K-MIS company with a number of industry experts released the report “Trends and forecasts for the development of medical information systems in Russia”. The experts identified a number of areas that already set the vector for the development of software products in the healthcare digitalization industry and determine their development for the near future - this is general centralization, standardization of electronic health records, the development of a patient-centered approach, the transition from informatization to digital transformation of healthcare. 

Cooperation between “RT MIS” and “K-MIS” is aimed at providing the regions with cloud solutions that meet the given trends and meet the increasing requirements for software products in the field of healthcare digitalization, their capabilities and level of service.

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  • 09.09.2020
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